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Temescal Valley Water District is a California Water District formed in 1965 in order to provide water and wastewater services to the residents of the Temescal Valley between the Cities of Lake Elsinore and Corona.

The District consists of approximately 6730 acres and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five members publicly voted to office. The District's General Manager is Mr. Jeff Pape.

The District's offices are located at 22646 Temescal Canyon Road, Temescal Valley, California 92883-4106. Mr. Pape can be reached through the District's office at (951) 277-1414 Monday - Thursday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm and Friday 7:30 am to 4 pm.

Temescal Valley Water District receives all of its water supply from the Metropolitan Water District via the Mills Pipeline. The Mills Pipeline serves other communities besides those served by Temescal Valley Water District including part of the City of Corona, Eagle Valley Area and other areas within the unincorporated Riverside County. All water delivered to Temescal Valley Water District is imported from Northern California via the State Water Project system. Once transferred to Southern California, the imported water is provided full water treatment at the Mills Water Filtration Plant located on Alessandro Boulevard. Water produced from this filtration plant and subsequently delivered to Temescal Valley Water District meets all local state and federal requirements for water quality.

Temescal Valley Water District is within the service area of the Western Municipal Water District, who is a member of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. With all lands in Temescal Valley being within the Metropolitan Water District, the acquisition and delivery of imported water within Temescal Valley district boundaries is much simpler than for an agency not within the Metropolitan Water District.

Temescal Valley Water District owns and operates a regional wastewater treatment facilities adjacent to its Administration and Operation complex within the Wild Rose Business Park. The Reclamation Facility is capable of treating 1.57 million gallons per day of raw sewage and producing tertiary reclaimed water usable for landscape irrigation and other non-consumptive purposes. This reclaimed water is distributed to multiple sites within the District’s service area, including the Retreat Golf Course on the north end and the Deleo Sports Park within Sycamore Creek on the south end.

New water service can be established online or in person at the District Office. You must provide the following information to establish new service:

  • Photo Id (name must match the Title, Escrow or Lease Document)
  • Title or Escrow Document (name must match the Photo Id)
  • Lease or Rental Agreement – For Tenants Only (name must match the Photo ID)
  • Service Address
  • Mailing Address (if different than service address)
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Social Security Number
  • Move In Date

Use our Online Application Package. to make sure you have everything you need to apply.

The District does not require the Applicant to be home to read the meter.

Bills are generated the first week of each month for the prior month’s service. Meters are read the last week of each month. Bills are due and payable upon the due date. If you cannot pay your bill by the Due Date please contact us immediately. Do not wait until service is disconnected for non-payment.

Temescal Valley Water District accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Cash, and Personal Check.

Payment should be made either by mail using the return envelope provided, online at, in person at the TVWD office during normal business hours or by using the lock box located outside the gate to our office. Any payments received in the lock box after 7:30 a.m. will be credited the next regular business day. We strongly suggest you DO NOT put cash payments in the lock box. Temescal Valley Water District is not responsible for theft, loss, damage of any items placed in the lock box.

Worried about us receiving your payment? You may sign up for “Auto Pay ACH”, which allows Temescal Valley to debit your checking or savings account automatically on the bill due date.

To ensure uninterrupted water service, please contact us about billing and payment arrangements prior to your departure.

The District may require a deposit if customer has had service disconnected for non-payment or does not have proof of a good payment record from another water utility. Upon termination of service any portion of the deposit remaining after satisfaction of the amount due shall be refunded to the customer who made the deposit.

Special Deposit Requirements for Renters

Temescal Valley Water District requires Renters to pay a refundable security deposit (call for details).

Upon termination of service the Renter’s deposit shall be used to reduce or satisfy any delinquent payment of other amount due to the District. Any portion of the deposit remaining after satisfaction of the amount due shall be refunded to the customer who made the deposit.

Bills are due and payable upon the Due Date. Payments are posted on the date they are received in the District office, not the date post-marked. A late charge of 10% will be applied to unpaid account balances carried forward to the next billing date. All remaining unpaid balances will continue to receive 1-1/2% monthly interest charges.

If water service is turned off for non-payment, the account must be brought to a zero balance before service will be restored. A separate reconnect fee will apply. A deposit may also be required.

Please see our "Terms & Conditions" page

Residential Service
Water Usage Charge Tier 1 0 to 7 units $3.05/unit
Tier 2 8 to 23 units $3.46/unit
Tier 3 24 and above $3.79/unit
Water Service Charge $24.06 per month
Sewer Service Charge $41.57 per month
Zone Pumping Charge Monthly charge based on water usage in units and zone
Commercial Service
Commercial Water Usage Charge Any Number of Units $3.30/unit
Any Number of Units $3.30/unit
Commercial Water Usage Charge Any Number of Units $3.49/unit
Water Service Charge Meter Size Service Charge
5/8 $24.06
3/4 $32.74
1 $50.10
1.5 $93.50
2 $145.58
3 $310.50
4 $553.54
6 $1135.10
8 $2437.10
10 $3488.70
Sewer Service Charge $41.57per month (per edu)
Metered Sewer Charge This monthly charge is based on water usage in units
Construction Service
Jumpers $380.00 per lot
Construction Meter Deposit $1200.00
Construction Water Usage Charge $4.92per unit
Water Meter Prices Meter Size Service Charge
Residential Meters 5/8 $330.00*
Irrigation Meters 1 $400.00**
1 1/2 $550.00**
2 $1000.00**
* Installation is included in the price
** Irrigation meter installation shall be the responsibility of the developer. All irrigation meter connections shall be inspected by the District.
Backflow devices are required on all irrigation and commercial meters. Verification of backflow testing must be provided to the District upon installation, per Temescal Valley Water Rules & Regulations Section 23.04.

NOTE: Call Customer Service for complete information about connection fees, rate classifications and other charges or credits.

Temescal Valley Water District does not provide Trash Service. You must contact Waste Management at (800) 423-9986 to arrange new service.

Did you know your water meter can be a leak detector? If you meter face has a star (tattle tale) as shown, try this simple leak test:

  • Shut off all running water inside and outside your home
  • Check the tattle tale. If it is slowly spinning, you may have a water leak
  • Repeat the test to be certain all water is shut off
  • If you suspect a leak, try to locate and fix it immediately
  • You can also jot down the numbers from the meter face, return 15-20 minutes later and check again. If the numbers have changed, this means water is running and you may have a leak.

Your meter box is located in your front yard. Simply remove the meter box cover. Your meter will read like an odometer and records in cubic feet. Meters are not reset between readings. To find out how much water you have used, just write down all the numbers on the meter dial (the last two shaded digits are decimal places).

Check the meter again after 24 hours. Subtract the first reading from the second reading to find difference.

The difference represents one day’s water use in hundred cubic feet (ccf). To convert to gallons, multiply by 748 as shown in the example below:

Ending read 0045.05
Beginning read 0044.45
Difference in CCF 0000.60
Convert to gallons (.60 X 748)

Total used 448.8 gallons

Water pressure is created by the physical weight of water forcing its way throughout the distributions system to your tap. Gravity flow is the most efficient way to deliver water to your home.

Temescal Valley Water District Water is Safe to Drink.

At Temescal Valley Water District we deliver water of the highest quality and safety. We test our system three times per month for microbiological organisms and once annually for all other constituents as required by Federal and State Regulations.

Aesthetic qualities of water include taste & odor, turbidity & color, mineralization, hardness & staining.

  • Low levels of color and turbidity are a significant factor in customer satisfaction and Temescal Valley delivers the clearest water possible to every household.
  • Taste and Odor come from salts, or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS is a measure of the presence of specific metals such as iron, copper, magnesium and zinc. In general, water with a TDS of less than 650mg/l is preferable. Temescal Valley’s water averages 261mg/l.
  • Mineralization is the amount of salts, measured as TDS in the drinking water. At Temescal Valley we deliver a low TDS product.
  • Staining of laundry and household fixtures can occur in water with iron, magnesium or copper in solution. Water delivered by TVWD is very low in these constituents, assuring total elimination of this potential problem.
  • TVWD delivers a high quality and safe product to each and every house. We highly recommend that our water doesn’t need to be softened or modified in any manner, and purchasing bottled water is an unnecessary expense.
  • If a more detailed water analysis is desired, please see this year’s Water Quality Report.

Use the links below to view our standards. It is your responsibility to contact the District to ask for updates and/or modifications since the date of publication.

Temescal Valley Water District Standard Drawings
Temescal Valley Water District Water System Facility Requirements
Temescal Valley Water District Sewer System Facility Requirements

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