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Help Conserve Water and Save Money!

California is experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record, with the entire state facing severe drought conditions. In July, the State Water Resources Board called upon water agencies across California to take mandatory actions locally to conserve water.

As Temescal Valley Water District enforces Stage II of its Water Conservation Measures Plan for emergency drought conditions, we are asking our customer to help protect future water supplies by taking additional measures to reduce their water use.

The following information on rebate programs for eligible customers can help provide the extra incentive needed to reduce water consumption by replacing water hungry landscape, inefficient devices or wasteful practices. Make sure to visit each site to get a good understanding of which rebates and incentives apply to you!

Temescal Valley Water District Conservation Funding
Temescal Valley Water District Conservation Funding
Program Application
Temescal Valley Water District Water Conservation Program Funding for Home Owner’s, HOA’s & Commercial Buildings


To provide incentives to Temescal Valley Water District customers to reduce potable water consumption used for irrigation purposes. Which in turn will preserve our precious potable water resources and aid in reducing water consumption charges.


Additional Programs
Additional Programs
Be Water Wise
Sponsored by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

  • Find Out How the Drought is Affecting Southern California

  • Learn More About What You Can Do to Use Water Wisely

  • Water Through The Eyes of Youth

Additional Programs
SoCal Water Smart
Information on rebate programs offered by the Metropolitan Water District Rebate programs include:

  • Turf Removal

  • High Efficiency Toilet Incentives

  • Irrigation Controllers

  • High Efficiency Clothes Washer

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